Rabenhorst Biologic Plum Juice 750ml

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Enjoy this delicious juice, through careful processing it retains the nutrients and goodness of the fruit. These are known to benefit health and wellbeing.

Ingredients: Concentrated prune extract (prunes, water), fructose syrup, lemon juice.

Specific characteristics: Prunes have been found to have beneficial effects on digestion and to be nutritious for the human body in general. Our recommendation: drink one glass of Rabenhorst Prune Drink each before breakfast and bedtime.

Nutrition information/ typical values per 100 ml serving:

Energy: 285kJ (68 kcal), protein: 0.4g, carbohydrates: 17.2g, of which sugar: 14.0g, fat: 0.1g, of which saturated fatty acids: 0.02g, fibre: 0.3g, sodium: <0.01 g

Rabenhorst Prune Drink. Prune extract: minimum 97%.

Content: 750 ml.

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