Saltic Mineral Crystal Salt Mill 300g

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Saltic Mineral Crystal Salt Mill 300g

The Saltic products arriving from salt-mine to your table fair and without the slightest chemical treatment or addition. While subjected to continuous controls which ensure the stable of high quality. The authentic Himalayan salt replaces the public sea salt.

The Himalayan salt is qualitatively superior to the table sea salt which is enriched with iodine. Despite the characteristic pink color to it, it is known as "white gold" of the Himalayas.
Contains 84 natural minerals and elements which are naturally found in the human body. For millions of years has been "cured" under the pressure of the earth''s crust so it contains toxins and has not been altered by the environment.

Some of our main benefits of health are:
♦ Helps regulate water supplies in the body
♦ Adjust the pH inside cells
♦ Helps regulate glucose in the blood
♦ Prevents cramps
♦ treats signs of aging
♦ Protects the cardiovascular system
♦ Enhances nutrient absorption from the gastrointestinal
♦ contributes to respiratory function
♦ In comparison with common salt contributes to the smooth operation of bile and kidney

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