Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus 60V.caps

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The probiotic Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus is advanced nutritional supplement of Solgar company. The Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus is 100% free from milk and contains no wheat type allergens, gluten, nut, egg. Composed of high-resistance strains, which have been high identification and classification. Are stable thanks to the special patented high drying method. Administered in capsule form polysaccharides housing.

The term probiotic is meant food or food supplements containing probiotic ingredients. This live nonpathogenic microorganisms (germs) entering the human body through food, survive in the gastrointestinal tract and benefit health when taken in sufficient quantities.
Probiotic products fall foods such as yogurt, fermented milk products and some juices, and dietary supplements in tablet, capsule or envelope, wherein the product is in powder form.
Probiotics are quite beneficial for the body, and produce antimicrobial substances, other substitute pathogenic gut bacteria with nutrients and other help to regulate the immune system of the host. Help consolidation pathological conditions such as diarrhea, spastic colitis, ulcerative colitis, constipation, candidiasis, Crohn''s disease, fungal infections of the vagina n. A.

It is only used in adults.
Take 1-2 vegicaps Solgar Advanced Multi-Billion Dophilus per day, with meals.
Contains 60 vegicaps.
Suitable for vegetarians.

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