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Earth Source Multi-nutrient, multivitamin food supplement from Solgar.
Multivitamin, which performs in a harmonious combination, great variety of food high absorption elements, essential for stimulating, well-being and the smooth functioning of the human body. The B vitamins, with which it is enriched formulation, and include their coenzymes, thus giving maximum absorption by the body. Additionally it contains, bioflavonoids, digestive enzymes and aids, antioxidants, amino acids, carotenoids, borage oil, safflower oil and linseed oil cold pressed concentrated raw foods and complete power plants. Also the iron contained in the product is disglykinikos form.

DOSAGE: The product Earth Source Multi-nutrient  is available in the form of tablets. Contains 90 tablets.
Take 1-3 tablets from Earth Source Multi-nutrient of Solgar daily preferably with meals.
Suitable for vegetarians.

: Nutritional supplements are no substitute for balanced diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before taking Earth Source Multi-nutrient .

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