Solgar Formula Vm-Prime For Adults 50+, 60tabs

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Formoula with nutrients without iron.

The Formula VM-Prime is advanced high quality formula free iron, which have been conducted scientific studies. Aimed at adults over 50 years. Covering the needs of the organization to receive nutrients, needed by adults in this age range, such as B12, manganese, zinc, selenium, chromium and copper, and even in strongly increased and enhanced quantities. The metals contained in the composition is chiral form and their preparation is carried out by Albion Laboratories under strict specifications.


Granted in the form of smaller tablets for ease of swallowing.
The pack contains 60 tablets Solgar Formula Vm-Prime For Adults 50+.
You can take 1-3 tablets daily, preferably in combination with each meal.
Suitable for vegetarians.

CAUTION! No dietary supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, nursing, your certain medication or suffer from an illness given, ask your doctor for advice before taking the Solgar Formula Vm-Prime For Adults 50+.

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