Solgar Natural Liquid Vitamin E Complex 20000IU 59,2ml

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Liquid vitamin E.

This is a product of the company''s nutritional supplements series Solgar. Contains Vitamin E liquid. Vitamin E, or else alpha tocopherol, help prevent decay and the association of saturated fatty acids and vitamin D substances that can harm the body. It has the ability to bind with oxygen and prevents turn into toxic peroxides. It helps the cells of all muscles, especially those of the heart and skeletal breathe properly. It contributes to these muscles and nerves to function with less oxygen, increasing the strength and vitality.

Vitamin E dilates blood vessels by promoting better blood flow to the heart. Feeding the cells with various nutrients, reinforcing capillaries and preventing destruction of red blood cells by poisons such as some forms of hydrogen, for example peroxides, blood. The synthetic "dl" form of vitamin E has less activity than the natural "d" form.

The Solgar Natural Liquid Vitamin E Complex 20000IU provides natural vitamin E in liquid form as d-alpha tocopherol with mixed tocopherols, d-beta, d-gamma, d-delta. Considered useful in cases of scarring or to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy. On the basis of sunflower oil and wheat germ oil.


Solgar Natural Liquid Vitamin E Complex 20000IU is administered in liquid form.
The vial of Solgar Natural Liquid Vitamin E Complex 20000IU contains 59, 2 ml.
Ye receive 5 drops per day, in conjunction with meals.
Suitable for vegans.

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