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Multivitamin supplement Omnium.

The multivitamin Omnium produced by Solgar company and represents an innovative advanced formula with multiple nutritional value.
Solgar Omnium Multiple Completely absorbed and utilized by the body. Considered by both experts and by consumers as a leading dietary supplement, whose composition was performed after years of research in the scientific community on issues related to disease prevention and to achieve and maintain optimal health. This is an excellent, balanced combination of minerals, vitamins, minerals, precious fytostoicheion and powerful antioxidants.

natural beta carotene and carotenoids
B vitamins in the form of the enzyme for biological activity with better performance
Vitamin C with natural metabolites, which act rapidly and remain longer in the organism
labial metals absorbed completely by the body
trace elements such as selenium and chromium
isoflavones, curcuminoids, tokotrianoles, sulforaphane, kouersitini, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and other antioxidants and fytostoicheion

Thanks to
Solgar Omnium Multiple, deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients are past. The absorbance becomes perfectly.
It stimulates the body providing energy.
The mental and physical fatigue combated.
The metabolism of food becomes easier because of the coverage of the organization to the increased energy needs.
Promotes proper nerve function, and bone health, hair and skin.


It is only used in adults, in the form of tablets.
Solgar Omnium Multiple contains 30 tablets.
You can take 1-2 tablets daily as you dine.
Suitable for vegans.

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