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Slim Detox - detoxification & slimming
Superfoods Slim Detox is a natural formula with dandelion, green tea, birch and artichoke that helps in detoxifying and excreting the body''s unnecessary fluid in 6 days. The efficacy of Superfoods Slim Detox is based on the antioxidant and diuretic action of the four plants, which are known and proven through long-term use.
Superfoods Slim Detox has a beneficial effect on the endocrine, urinary and gastrointestinal system.
♦ Has diuretic capabilities and contributes to weight management and elimination of toxins.

Content per 50ml Superfoods Slim Detox
Dandelion 275mg
Green Tea 275mg
Birch 275mg
Artichoke 91mg

Superfoods Slim Detox is your best ally for starting the slimming program

It has a taste of berries and strawberry.
Contains sucralose.

Indications: detoxification, slimming.

Instructions for Use: Take 50ml of Superfoods Slim Detox a day, dissolved in 500ml of water (about 2 glasses). To be consumed during the day.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Keep it in a shady, dry and cool place (<25C), away from children. If there is a side effect, stop taking it and consult your doctor
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Content - Packaging
: 300 ml

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