Technofarm Toothpick + Floss 36τμχ 36pcs

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Technofarm Toothpick + Floss 36τμχ 36pcs, an interdental with special design for gentle and effective cleaning between teeth. It offers a unique level of bite and a possible fine thread to make it possible to access even the most narrow interdental spaces.

The Tepe Mini Flosser has a new, improved grip, making it even easier to manage, also has a specially designed level bite, which helps to gently insert the floss between teeth ..
The Tepe Mini Flosser is harmonized in accordance with the standards set by ISO28158: 2010
Designed in collaboration with specialists dentists.

Instructions For Use:
1.Topotheteiste the interdental floss between your teeth and bite the level bite
2.Metakiniste thread between the teeth and the gumline
3.Mi gently forwards and backwards towards the top do to remove the thread from the interdental space.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children (to avoid potential, injury-ingestion)

Swedish Product
Contains 36 pieces

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