Udos Choice® Adult''s Blend Probiotic 60cpas

Product Sku: 6778

Product information



17 billion live bacteria / capsule (at the time of production)
6 bacterial cultures with appropriate activity, designed specifically for achieving a healthy microflora in adults 
• Supports normal bowel movement
• Strengthens the immune system guarding the invasion of pathogenic bacteria
• Improves lactose tolerance factor lactase enzyme
• Contributes to the absorption of minerals and of the important B vitamins
• Improves digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats
• Produces valuable antioxidants
• Helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels
• Helps the immediate restoration of intestinal flora after antibiotics

For adults of 19-54 years
Effective blend of probiotic cultures 6, with a population of 17 billion live friendly bacteria for strong immune restoring intestinal balance and global health.
Adults need larger amounts of probiotics than children. The cultures used in Super Adult Microbiota is the correct consistency and population to support the immune system of universal adult and ensure intestinal balance. The Super Adult Microbiota helps smooth digestion, intestinal health in the small and large intestine, which is the basis for a universal health.

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