Version Peptide Slim Perfect 150ml 1+1

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Version Peptide Slim Perfect 150ml 1+1

Version Peptide Slim Perfect 150ml 1+1
High performance body slimming that helps to get an impossible figure with contoured, keeping the skin hydrated and firm.
The Peptide Perfect Slim Cream, offers slimming and anti-aging triple action:

Reduces thigh circumference.
regulates the metabolism of fat cells
Improve orange peel.

In principal active ingredient at a high concentration of the bio-mimetic Tripeptide-41 peptide (CG-Lipoxyn) that:
> Prevents fat accumulation
> Enhances lipolytic activity of adipocytes
> Reduces lipogenesis
> Together with selected components (caffein, genistein soy derivative, Milk Thistle, Aspartame, etc.) activates the fat burning mechanism, reduces orange peel and cellulite and achieve tightening of the skin tissue.

The Peptide Slim Perfect:
It inhibits the synthesis and accumulation of body fat (Tripeptide-41)
It inhibits the growth of adipose tissue (Sveltessence + Milk Thistle)
Helps lipolysis (Tripeptide-41 + Adiporeguline)
Removes residues lipolysis outside the cell (Adiporeguline)
It has anti-inflammatory action (Sveltessence)
Stimulates collagen synthesis (Horsetail)

Apply Peptide Perfect Slim Cream every day for best results.
K cream is very cool and absorbed without stain clothes.
For best results in less time combine Peptide Perfect Slim Cream with healthy diet and exercise.

Content: 150 ml

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