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The maple syrup, real institution in Canada (much used as an accompaniment to pancakes and crepes, and the leaves of the tree adorns the flag of the country) and has healing properties similar to those of blueberries, green tea and other ''super foods'' species, as revealed by scientific study recently presented ...
"We discovered that several components have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, we have already seen to act against cancer, diabetes and various types of bacterial infections," says Navintra Siram, a professor at the University of Rhode Island U.S., responsible for research.

It adds, indeed, that this polyphenol extract the gold color may contribute to stabilize blood sugar levels of diabetics by inhibiting the activation of enzymes that are responsible for the disease.

Scientists who have studied in depth in the Quebec maple extract, identified a total of 54 beneficial ingredients, five of which were completely unknown. In one of these five components kempekoli given the name in honor of French-speaking province of Quebec, which is the largest producer worldwide of the extract.

New molecules discovered may help chemists to manufacture new drugs for various diseases. The results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society (American Chemical), California, and will be published in next issue of the magazine «Journal of Functional Foods». The research was funded by the Federation of Quebec Maple Producers and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Food Canada.


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