Vichy Deodorant roll-on intense sweating 50ml

Product Sku: 4542

Product information



For whom? For men and women who suffer from profuse sweating and want maximum effectiveness that lasts with maximum security for their complexion.
48-hour care deodorant roll-on-profuse sweating.
Intensive long-lasting deodorant action that is friendly to the skin.
The active ingredients antiperspirant have even more targeted action in the heart of sweat resources for 48 hours.
Apply daily to clean and dry your underarms.
Action against bad breath and perspiration for 48 hours.
Hypoallergenic composition tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control, without alcohol, fragrance-free, paraben-free.
The texture gives it freshness and softness to the skin, causing irritation and leaves no white marks.
Gives unique feeling of softness and freshness immediately after application, leaving the skin soft powdery feeling with no crashes. Leaves no traces on the skin, or on clothing.

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