Viogenesis SidirOn 100mg 30 caps

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Viogenesis SidirOn 100mg 30 caps


A Supplement, Balanced Diet Food for the treatment of diagnosed Iron Deficiency Anemia for children over 3 years old and for Adults, enriched with 50% lactoferrin from cow's milk.


Viogenesis SidirOn contains the nutrient Lactoferrin 190 mg per 2 tablets & 47.5 gr per 100 gr, thanks to which Iron Deficiency Anemia is treated.



Those who are allergic to cow's milk protein should not use it.
The dosage should not be exceeded
Keep away from small children
Before opening, keep Viogenesis SidirOn in a dry & cool place
Viogenesis SidirOn is not an exclusive source of nutrition
We take Viogenesis SidirOn only under medical supervision

Dosage Method of Use

1 tablet morning and evening with a little water regardless of food


Viogenesis SidirOn in a package of 30 tablets with notification number EOF: 40297/15.04.2022

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