Wish Crunchy Cereal bar with Stevia 700gr (20x35gr)

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Wish Crunchy Cereal bar with Stevia 700gr (20x35gr)

The Wish Crunchy Crunchy bar with Stevia 700gr Cereal (20x35gr) is the most crisp enjoyment without involving the rich composition of sugar, as is the new crisp surprise of the Wish. The Wish Crunchy is the new ideal and delicious cereal bar without entailing sugar, with fascinating texture as it features an authentic praline filling, corn flakes and milk chocolate. The Wish Crunchy thanks to the natural sweetener Stevia embodied is able to combine unique reduced fat and sugar with captivating flavor and is ready to make a daily habit for everyone (young and old) and show that the Health is Delight.

Components :
milk powder, cocoa butter, fiber (inulin, dextrin, oligofructose), sweetener: cocoa mass, maltitol, Emulsifier: Soya lecithin, sweetener: natural vanilla flavor, steviol glycosides, sunflower, cocoa powder, fountoukopasta, corn flakes, salt, rice puffed, hazelnut aroma.

Available in packs of 20 pieces (35gr each)

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