Yogi Tea Turmeric Chai 34g

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Even in turbulent times, the tiny Golden grains of turmeric helps us to feel good. Along with delicious spices, tea and a touch of cinnamon, the tea develops its full, intense aroma. Allow yourself to feel the magic of perfumes. At the same time is extremely tasty when served with a sweetener and add vegetable milk (almond or coconut (vegan).
To strengthen the action of turmeric, we recommend that you prepare as < gold milk >: Just boil your vegetable milk of your choice and add the sachet with tea with turmeric, for safe consumption let for a minimum period of 5 minutes and then enjoy the magic of this beverage.
The essence of this tea is Calming in the warmth of the Sun "

* turmeric, cinnamon *, licorice *, ginger *, watercress *, pepper *, Apple *, fennel *, nutmeg *, cocoa shells * cloves *
* certified organic

Store in shady and cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking pharmaceutical formulations or experiencing health problems, advise your physician before taking this product.

17 Teabags total weight 34g

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