Adelco Algine Patch 5pcs Single-use patch

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Adelco Algine Patch 5pcs Single-use patch enriched with natural active ingredients, Arnica, Escin, Bromelain that immediately relieves, giving well-being and at the same time relaxes locally where there is muscle strain from physical activities. Also suitable for athletes
Instantly relieves
It gives well-being
And for athletes
For those who strain the muscular system from intense physical activities
Dermatologically Tested
Does not contain parabens
Does not contain Thiazolinones
Way of use
We always apply it on clean & dry skin
The Pad is for single use only
We take out a patch, after opening the protective strip and apply locally to the affected area
We apply a slight pressure to apply well.
Let it act for 6 hours
We remove it gently without tearing it or getting the pad wet
Medical note
Pads are single use
For external use only
We apply it only on clean & dry skin without wounds
There is a possibility of a slight redness or itching sensation which is an indication that the patch is working
Away from Children
To be kept in a cool & dry environment
Away from Heat Sources and direct exposure to the sun
Not in Temperatures below 0 °C
Not in Temperatures Above 40 °C
Avoid opening holes or tearing the product envelope
Adelco Algine Patch 5pcs
In a package with 5 disposable Patches

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