Genecom Terra Arnica Cream 30% 75ml

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The Terra Arnica contains 30% Arnica extract which is useful for skin bruising, aching muscles, joints and tendons. It also contains vitamin E, almond oil and shea butter.
• With anti-inflammatory – analgesic action.
• Helps relieve pain caused by trauma or bruising, promoting healing processes.
• Stimulates blood circulation.
• Relieves pain in muscles and tendons.
• With muscle relaxant after grips, intense physical exercise and muscle wounds.
• You can use it along with other pharmaceutical formulations.
• Non-greasy composition

Arnica extract 30%, bruising of the skin, aches in the muscles, joints and tendons.

Apply the Terra Arnica two or three times daily in the areas that are to undergo treatment and massage the skin until fully absorbed.

For external use only.
Store in a shady and cool place, away from children.

Does not contain parabens, pigments, PEG and SLS dermatologically and microbiologically tested

1 tube of 75ml

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